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This is a free service to new home buyers!
I have been giving Texas buyers cash back since 2001.
Located in Houston Texas
EARN 2.5% & up CASH BACK on NEW build homes in Houston, surrounding areas, and any place in Texas!
We share our commissions with you.

If there is a builder's cash bonus, you will get 83.3% of it!



On a builder's typical 3% commission paid to a realtor, we give 2.5% of it to the buyer!  This applies to ANY PRICE HOME. If the commission is ever over 3%, the buyer keeps more. We never earn more than 1/2% commission.

At 2.5% cash back, the buyer gets $2,500 per $100,000 cost of your new home.  After you have negotiated the best price for your new home, including all the builder's contributions and incentives, you receive an additional rebate from us.


How Buyer Gets Rebate

This is how this simple program works:

On your first visit to the model home, inform them that Value Realty / Dan Lowenthal is your realtor.

At closing you will receive your 2.5% and up Cash Back!!

This program works with any builder in any area of Texas!


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