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Cash Rebate Policy

Please read our Cash Rebate Policy carefully before proceeding. By applying to our home buyer rebate program, you authorize Value Realty to contact you by telephone, fax, e-mail or U.S. mail. You also acknowledge that Value Realty is a Texas licensed real estate broker, acting as your buyer broker / agent.

Present client / builder form to the builder's sales office ON YOUR FIRST VISIT. The form when properly signed and dated demonstrates to the selling builder that you are our client through our marketing efforts and are therefore eligible for our buyer cash rebate program.

Builder will fax, mail or courier deliver the sales contract to Value Realty once signed.

To receive your CASH REBATE, you must not be represented by another licensed agent/broker or have an effective buyer representation agreement with another agent during registration with a builder.

Value Realty must be entered as the buyers agent/broker on the sales contract. Value Realty must receive a selling commission of no less than 3% from the seller. Your rebate will come from this commission, in either of two ways:

A. Applied to your closing costs.

B. Check mailed to you.


Value Realty, is a Texas licensed real estate broker, NOT a builder, inspector, appraiser or legal advisor. Value Realty recommends that you hire competent professionals of your choice to advise on these aspects of your purchase. We are not a party to any home purchase contracts and do not make any representations or warranties regarding the house, including but not limited to the quality of construction, the presence or absence of any construction defects or fungal growth, its physical condition, fitness or habitability and/or its resale value.








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